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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is DH Raspberry Ketones Registered with the Ministry of Health Malaysia ?
Our products are registered & approved by the Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia and for verification please use the reference below with KKM   [Product Registration Number: (98)dlm.KKM-163/S/25 Jld - 217 )




2) How effective is DH Raspberry Ketones for Weight loss ?
DH Raspberry Ketones is a special formulation of Patented ingredients and Clinically proven formula for weight loss management (Belly fats and other problem areas).The product has been used successfully for people whom are struggling with weight loss and the results shared by customers local and international has been very positive. Typical average weight loss goal of 10kg in a course of 3-5 weeks may be achieved paired with exercise and health eating. The results may vary to each individuals and its according to your lifestyle.




3) Are there any Side Effects for DH Raspberry Ketones ?
The product is safe from any side effects as the ingredients are safe and certified organic. The product formula is free from any drugs ingredient. The products are not advisable for pregnant or nursing mothers and childrens under 12 years old. To note as precaution anyone who has special medical condition such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or heart disease is advised to consult your doctor. For further assistance, please reach our hotline.




4) Do you need to exercise or diet to see results ?
It regulates your body metabolism to work to your advantages whereby it assist your body to limit calories and lose your stored fats. Not neccesirally you have to exercise or diet but a small change of avoiding oily foods and short walk can bring you amazing results as the results are much faster paired with healthy lifestyle.

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Raspberry Ketones which recently shot to fame as a result of its huge potential as the Leading Fat-burning supplement in Dr .Oz Show calling it as the " NO.1 Fat burner in a bottle to burn your fats". The powerful enzyme aims to assist in the breakdown of fat molecules by encouraging the production of the protein hormone Adiponectin and has also been praised as a natural thermogenic. Increased thermogenesis involves raising core temperature and increasing resting metabolism, which enables excess calories to be converted into heat and released by the body as thermal energy rather than being stored as fat. Which makes you to lose weight more Easily and Fast.

WHAT IS THE BIG DIFFERENCE FROM THE OTHER SUPPLEMENTS?                                                  

Please research and understand that there is 2 types of FAT BURNING PROCESS! The First Fat Burning is Losing weight on your newly intake of calories or fats AND THE SECOND TYPE IS BURNING YOUR STORED, STUBBORN, AND HARD FATS.  Stubborn fats stores in the common areas like in your arms, thigh and Lower Tummy. So burning your stored fats is the first step to reach a successful weight loss results and thats why raspberry ketones is becoming one of the most popular weight loss product.

PLEASE DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH! Do a small research in google on Raspberry ketones and why this product is getting so much of attention is because of the fast results and we are extremely positive that from our customers feedback is very supportive.

Raspberry Ketone is a powerful fat burner, endorsed by Dr. Oz show that can help breakdown fat cells in the body resulting in quick and natural weight loss. Its a natural enzyme extracted from raspberry fruit that boosts levels of adiponectin that helps the body to burn fat more efficiently.The benefits of Raspberry Ketones were featured on the popular Doctor Oz TV show in the USA and subsequetly it become one of the most popular weight loss supplement. 






        Raspberry Ketones was Rated No. 1 in the 5 Biggest Fat Burners in 5 days by Dr. Oz. In the full documentary of the Miracle Fat burner, Dr. Oz was explaning the Key Hormones Compound regulates adiponectin, a protein used by the body to regulate metabolism. 

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DH Raspberry Ketones is one of the Best Selling weight loss supplements in US and we are bringing the Raspberry Ketones storm to Malaysia. We had a very exciting and satisfying Pre-launch from the last 6 months and now its a thrilling beginning for our new customers. We are on the progress to bring you more inspiring and motivating videos, testimonials & contest to share the success of DH Raspberry Ketones. 

What is Raspberry ketones and why its becoming one of the most popular weight loss supplement?  In brief, Raspberry ketone is a fruit that has rose to popularity from the Dr. Oz show in which he has regarded them as " The #1 MIRACLE IN A BOTTLE- FAT BURNER IN A BOTTLE" (original citation from  

Raspberry ketones has been found by scientific research to have a compound that regulates ADIPONECTIN, a protein used by our body to regulate body metabolism. The compound has an amazing effect of bringing results that causes fat within your cells to get broken up or burn away more effectively, in which helps your body to burn fat faster. For an example, the hardest weight loss goals is always to lose the already presenting fats in your Tummy, Arms, Thigh or your buttocks. So the compound found in Raspberry ketones helps to break down the fat cell in your body more easily and faster! What you have to note very carefully for the raspberry supplements are the Mg found in each intake, at minimum as advised we need 100mg in each intake so the higher the MG in each intake, more better will be the outcomes.

 WHY DH Raspberry Ketones ? The product is formulated with the most highest concerntration of 99% Raspberry Ketones content that promises the highest concerntration of quality and delivers potent concerntration. DH Raspberry Ketones bring patented and clinical tested weight loss formula carries more powerful benefits for all body types and individuals, as to note everyone do not have the same body hormons. Another very essential factor of the product success is on the production whereby the products compound is extracted and absorbed more effective by your body system and unlike the capsules absorbed a little slower compared to the puree. The effectiveness of absorbance for the compounds dependant upon the digestion system for the capsules.

 The special unique formula DH Raspberry Ketones carries more positive results for your weight loss and if its used paired with health eating lifestle and exercising, not hardcore exercise like hitting the GYM but a short walk 15 minutes walk could bring you a very surprisable and desirable results for you.




Disclaimer* HCCARO (M) SDN BHD is a registered distributor for DH Raspberry Ketones Liquid Puree and the products are not a drug supplement or dietary supplement and the products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The website content is only for reference purposes and is not intended to substitute for advice given by a physician,pharmacist, or other licensed health-care professional. You should not use this information as self-diagnosis or for treating a health problem or disease.